More Things I Value

Respect and Knowledge.

I enjoy learning and researching all sorts of things. I like to read how others do things and why and I really feel that it is important to know and understand this world and the reasons we do things the way we do. This is also something that I really like about my husband, too. He knows all sorts of things and shares his knowledge with me – astronomy and space, photography and online role-playing games are just a few of the things that I have learned about from knowing him. I am also learning about trucks and cars because of Josiah’s great interest. When we go to the zoo, we always learn something new. Eila is frequently explaining to me the ins and outs of make-believe worlds. We have so much getting to know each other more and learning about everything around us. I could never run out of things to learn about or study.

One of the things that I hear myself say over and over is: “We treat others with love and respect.” I am constantly teaching Eila what it looks like to respect others, self, the world and the belongings of others, as well as what respect does not look like. It seems like almost every action relates back to respect in some way – the way we talk, share, play, react, help, and even eat and sleep. Other people might phrase things differently, but I see issues of respect in so much of how we act. For me, I desire to be respected and admired by others, which effects so much my motivations, fears, and in turn my behaviors and words.

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