Crazy Week

Yet again…

It feels like every week is crazy so far this fall. We aren’t involved in preschool or lots of classes or groups because I wanted to have a season of rest and enjoy the time at home. So far just keeping up with groceries and cleaning has proved to be a challenge.

I hope we’re not so busy with big stuff that we are missing all the fun little stuff – that’s what I feel like and fear is happening. But then I can think of the little things that we’ve been doing that have been really amazing too – like last week we stopped at Hines for a nature walk and collected leaves and jumped on rocks for a while. Eila and Josiah and I cuddled and read books together for a long time this afternoon. On Saturday, Brian and the kids raked the yard and played outside for a couple of hours while I cleaned and cooked, so things like my trip to Dallas or the Mom to Mom Sale are big, but not the only things in our lives.

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