Not So Silent Night

I have never been one to struggle with falling asleep. I think I need more sleep than the average person, but for the last few weeks, I have been up so late because I can’t seem to wind down and go to sleep before midnight. If my kids slept through the night, this would still afford me plenty of sleep. It seems that as soon as I am just asleep or almost there, one of my lovely little ones comes in and needs to cuddle or a drink or something else for which I am the only one who can help. So, I am getting to sleep around 2am and then being awakened at around 4:30am to welcome a young boy who sleeps best in Mama’s bed until around 6:30am when he doesn’t sleep anymore and insists – very, very loudly – that it’s 8 o’clock and time to wake up.

If I seem a little irritable or look a little rough around the edges, you now know one possible reason why. Of course, there are lots of other excuses I could dream up as well.

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