I think that one of Detroit’s best kept secrets is the Wayne County Lightfest Grand Opening. I love it. We went last year in the blizzard and had a great time. This year the weather was so nice, and it was even better. At 6pm, kids were invited up on stage and then Santa and the political gurus turned on the lights and the fun began (around 6:15pm). They have a great fireworks display with loud music – loud enough that the sound of the fireworks isn’t scary or really even noticeable (even to Josiah, who was so afraid of threat of booms that he covered his ears from the time we drove into the parking lot until I grabbed on to his hand as we walked to the stage). Eila and Josiah danced and screamed and enjoyed all the festivities, which include bagels, donuts, and drinks. Then we returned to our cars and drove slowly through the light display for free.

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