Goodbye Granddads

In the past few months, both of my grandfather’s health declined significantly, they were both suddenly and unexpectedly in the hospital where they received bad news and were released to nursing homes. Tomorrow is the second funeral in less than 3 weeks for my family. My sadness comes in waves and peace usually follows quickly as I know that they both had long, full and happy lives and leave a great legacy behind. I feel like I was able to say goodbye to each of them before they got really sick and I have so many good memories with them. While I’m grieving the loss of my granddads, I’m relieved at their deaths as it means an end to the pain and confusion that they were each experiencing. Pop and Grandpa were completely different men, but both are loved dearly.

Helping my children process these losses has been really healing for me. Eila went to bed crying and when I asked her what was wrong, she replied “I’m sad because I won’t get to go fishing with Great-Grandpa ever again.” Since I could do nothing else, I hugged her, cried with her, and listened to her. Then, I suggested that we pray together. That prayer was exactly what I needed. Yesterday, Josiah was nearby when Grandma Karen gave me a hug and condolences. He stated simply “Pop died.” Grandma responded “That’s sad, isn’t it?” And, Josiah said “No, it isn’t. He’s happy with Jesus now.” And that’s the truth.

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