Back Home

After a fabulous week in Los Angeles, visiting my sister, we are enjoying some serious home time. The overnight flights were great for us and the time in the sunshine was just what we needed to survive the rest of this winter, which apparently is still going strong as we got another inch or two of snow last night…

Well, we are back home. Thaddeus is still pretty sick with his second case of stomach flu in two weeks. We are in quarantine mode and it actually suits us just fine. Eila is still going to school, which gives the big ones a much needed break from each other every afternoon. I’ve re-discovered the wonders of the Ergo and am very much enjoying the cuddle time with my sick baby. I am trying out some new – and very delicious – bread recipes from a book that Brian got me for my bday. Now, I just have to order my grain mill and I’ll be in the real bread business.

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