Portable Preschool

Some friends and I are starting up a portable preschool co-op for our two-year-olds. This adventure seemed to us like a good idea. We have a wealth of resources – moms who are trained teachers and love kids, homes where we can meet, books, puzzles, toys, music, art supplies, creativity, and of course, energetic children. And, it is a lot less expensive that a Christian preschool or the International one where I was considering sending Eila (and may still at a later time).
Originally, we planned to have one mom teach and one mom assist, but it turns out that we all need to be present to control our children and establish the routine, so for a while we are all meeting (with younger siblings) and trying to learn how to do preschool. We will transition to the two adults to five kids ratio, but it’s still a bit unrealistic.
Fortunately, we all seem to share similar expectations for what the kids can do and learn. It is fun seeing them adjust to circletime, sitting and listening as well as participating and raising their hands. They love to dance and sing and eat (who doesn’t) and are getting better at sharing and taking turns. I wonder how long until we can start doing more than one story during circletime. I bet it would go better if three of the teachers weren’t wearing babies as well as trying to teach and coral toddlers…

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