Mildly Amusing Stuff

Here are some things you may or may not find funny. I find that I am starting to be able to laugh at myself – a little bit, but only because if I don’t I’ll be the only one not laughing and feel very left out.

While talking to Brian as he sat at the computer, I noticed that I couldn’t see quite right. Then, I heard something hit the ground and realized that the lens fell out of my glasses. Since, I couldn’t really see without the lens I couldn’t find it and stood there with my glasses on, but only one lens – what a nerd!

Nature was calling and as I obeyed the call, I found a small potty seat stuck to my behind. I had sat down rather firmly on Eila’s potty seat and came up with it still there, for just a second…

At Target, I was seen loudly calling to no one “Can you come out of the clothes by yourself or do you need me to help you?” This was shortly after I was seen taking clothes off of Eila while chasing her and trying to put her shoes back on her.

Everytime I see a smudge on the wall in our living room, I think it’s a bug. I jump slightly (sometimes more) and my heart races – I swear Brian does this too, but maybe that’s just me trying not to be alone in this.

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