Pens and Tears

Eila was coloring nicely with a pen on some paper in the living room while I cleaned up lunch. She was imitating me writing notes and making lists. Josiah was cruising around trying to figure out what Eila was doing and how he could join in. Then, I heard Josiah’s cries on pain and asked Eila “What happened to Joe?” as I came around the corner. She said “I colored him.” Indeed, she did. Josiah had ten stabs and lines all over his head and hands, up his arm and on his face. I quickly picked him up and examined the damage, which he was now fine with and began to sob. I tried wiping him off as gently as possible, since already each mark seemed to have been a bit painfully administered. Eila was in shock at my tears over her artwork on Josiah. As I sent her to time out for coloring on something besides paper and for hurting her brother, she screamed. When I calmed and went to talk to her, she talked to me about crying and talking and hurting other people. I think she was really sorry. I was too.

I want to protect and shelter my kids from any pain. I want them to really love each other and look out for each other, not inflict and torment each other. I want to set a good example for them in how to respond to their own pain and others. I want to be a good mom with good kids – too bad I live in a bad world full of bad people, of which I am one of the worst. Fortunately, I serve a great God who enables me to be a great mom with great kids. How quickly I forget and doubt!

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