Proud and Pride

I am very proud and also full of pride. I think there is a big difference between these two things with proud being a good thing and pride being a very bad thing.

Some people see the root issue or sin as unbelief or lack of faith and some people see it as fear (which I believe is a lack of faith) and others see the deep sin at the basis of our lives as idolatry and others see that root as pride. I think there are great arguments for all of these and in my life I can see that any of these could be true. For me, idolatry and pride are the same as my main idol is myself and so that seems to win out, but maybe pride is really an unbelief in God’s sovereignty and goodness… Anyway, pride is an egregious sin that God detests.

On the other hand, I am also proud. I’m so proud of my husband and the way he takes care of our family and uses the gifts that God has given him. I am also very proud of my kids, especially when they do or say things that are kind, sensitive and wise. Right now, Eila and Josiah are playing together and laughing hysterically, and I feel such joy and love and so proud of them. Maybe this proud feeling I have is really a godly jealousy for them to do right. I’m most proud of those around me when they are glorifying God and submitting their lives to Him, which is what I want for myself as well. Also, I’m proud of my loved ones as I see them being successful and persevering. I think it is a boasting in the Lord rather than in them or in myself for whatever.

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