I have a lot of responsibilities. We all do. Almost all of my responsibilities are things that I “signed up” or “volunteered” for, but some are not, which doesn’t make them any less necessary. The ones I “chose” include: being a wife, mom, MOPS coordinator, preschool teacher, friend. The ones I didn’t exactly pick include: being a child, housekeeper, cook, errand runner/shopper, and almost all the ones listed under things I chose… Insane time commitments, messiness, humility, and sacrifice are parts of every responsibility that I have – that make it challenging and often make me want to quit or give up.

Fortunately, there are also great rewards that come with every responsibility. Cleanliness, love, joy, seeing God’s glory and being a part of His work, as well as being able to survive are just a few of the benefits of fulfilling my responsibilities. Best of all is the growth and change in me as I live up to the responsibilities that I have and see God’s hand shaping me as a result of the sacrifices and humility and messiness in it all. It is amazing that just doing what I’m supposed to do can have such positive results personally, but also for everyone around me as well!

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