I have a tendency to be a bit ambitious, to bite off more than I can chew, to think that it won’t be *that* much work, and to consequently be disappointed and miserable. I am not an optimist as you might presume given my overly optimistic predictions of what can be done in an hour, day, week or even year. Rather, I am just foolish or in denial about how things really work. I want to be able to do all the things on my list and have my husband do all the of the things on my “Honey Do” list, so I try to wish it into reality.

While I was at the Hearts at Home conference, one of the speakers said that your misery factor is the ratio of your expectations to reality. If your expectations are unrealistic, you are bound to be very miserable. On the other hand, when you have hopes that are plausible, you have a real chance of being successful and feeling great! Unfortunately, I cannot seem to grasp what realistic expectations look like.

I have written down a list of what I wanted to do during Brian’s break from work over Christmas and while my family is in town. It is a little longer than I thought is was and I’m already disappointed because I am realizing that most of it probably won’t get done. Yet, I am looking forward to crossing things off this list and seeing how much gets accomplished in the end – and secretly hoping that it all gets done. Maybe I’m ambitious, but that is a good thing, right?

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