So, my husband is working on a problem with one of their busiest promotions. You should check it out and enter your adorable children in the photo contest, if you have any. And, I will update with nothing at all really.

We went to the zoo this week and enjoyed the most perfect fall day. The kids had a great time and we were all so exhausted that they continued their nap and I joined them for an hour after we got home. Then, we walked to the park with some good friends. I enjoy days like that, but usually follow them with days like today where we stay home and don’t do much of anything fun.

I’ve been researching the life and times of David king of Israel as preparation for the new Bible Study on his life starting tomorrow morning. I love this type of study and found lots of interesting pieces of information, but not really much that will be noteworthy enough to share with the group.

The kids got haircuts and Josiah looks like a little boy now. He lost all his sweet mullet curls…

I talked on the phone to my closest far-away friends in the past two weeks and am so glad to reconnect with each of them each time I do. Too bad I don’t call more often.

I’m really trying not to complain, but it isn’t going so well. “To be a good steward, I need to be thankful and content.” This is exactly what I wrote in Eila’s preschool notebook and I really want to model that for her, especially since I already see her struggles with this.

Finally, I’ve decided to stop highlighting my hair (for the health benefits of not doing it) and am debating if I should chop my hair instead. I need a second opinion (or as many opinions as I can get) on what type of cut I should get, if any. I do have several limitations and I am not really willing to negotiate on these: I need a style that works for my straight, fine, thin hair, one that does not require blow-drying or styling of any sort (other than brushing it). It must also be one that is flattering to me, because I really am very vain and lazy.

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