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Vacation Thoughts

I love going on vacation and being on vacation. I realized during this vacation – we just got back from a week in Colorado (Lake Dillon) and it was wonderful! – that it can be a little stressful. I have always thought of vacations as relaxing getaways from the busyness and chaos of everyday life. They are typically filled with time for me to reflect and regroup by myself. That was before I had kids and now vacations are still great escapes from our everyday chaos, but they are a different sort of chaos, not a lot of time to myself or sleeping for that matter. We had a great time visited with our family and hiking, fishing, playing at the park, shopping, etc. Yet, I now almost need a vacation from the vacation. It could be complicated by the fact that my loving husband and two older children all had raging fevers and were miserable our entire day of return travel and the first day back home. Or maybe as I age I take on more of the expectations of others for a great time rather than just selfishly making a good time happen for myself. Or maybe I just don’t remember the hard stuff of vacations when I look back. Who knows? Who cares? Vacations are fun and the stress is totally worth it… I think. Ask me again later when my kids are sleeping and the house is clean.