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I don’t like changes. I am coming to realize that when things change it can be hard, and there are lots of changes happening all around me all the time. Some changes are good and yet they can still be very difficult, like, for instance, a marriage or new baby. Some changes are good for some and not others, like a friend moving away. Some changes seem bad all around, like an illness or loss.

I am dealing with all of these types of changes. Josiah is a great baby, but adjusting to have two kids is still work and I’m not always sure what to do or how to manage. I, believe it or not, have lost my cool a few times and don’t like to not be in control and perfect. One of my closest friend is almost definitely moving to Boulder in a very short time. I know that our relationship won’t be the same. We’ll keep in touch, but it is never the same as when you meet together in person regularly. That’s really sad to me. I’m still trying to adjust to my sister moving across the country… Change is hard, but usually exactly what we need. Who would want to live a life that’s the same all the time? It’s great to make new friends and move on in what God has next for us. Obedience is better than security or comfort.

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One thing that I love about my husband (there are many, many things I love and this is just one of those things…) is that he likes me more than our kids. Every so often, we will get a sitter (Grandma) and go on a date. We did that this weekend and it was really refreshing. We went to a movie, which was so bad that we had to leave the theatre. We were both embarrassed that we were exposed to such depravity and a little ticked off that we spent almost $20 to waste an hour of our lives and assault our eyes and ears. Anyway, after splitting from the movie early, we went to dinner at J. Alexander’s and talked. I have come to realize that while I really appreciate acts of service as a sign of love, my main need is for quality time.

It makes me sad when I hear that other couples don’t take time to continue dating after they are married or have kids. In my opinion, it’s so important and keeps me young. I was talking to a friend and she said that her husband and her haven’t been on a date since their 3 year old was born. I was shocked; she then said that her husband loves their daughter and would rather spend time with their little girl than with her. That made me so sad. I didn’t know what to say. I felt like she was fine with this and didn’t see it as unusual or even something that should or could be different. I think that she also likes her daughter more than her spouse and maybe it’s partly because they’re both playing 2nd fiddle to the sweet child in their lives. At any rate, I believe that love and fun don’t end with marriage, if you keep dating!

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I Like Halloween

I know that moms and Christians aren’t supposed to like Halloween for various reasons, but I really do like this holiday. I don’t like everything about it – I hate scary movies and anything related to spiders freaks me out. However, I love the idea of getting dressed up and of running around in costumes to get candy. I love how on this one night all of our neighbors have their lights on and doors open to welcome and greet anyone who walks by. I thoroughly enjoy seeing the kids and parents out together and hearing the calls & reminders of what to say and do. Attending parties for Halloween is fun too. Bobbing for apples, donut hangs, mystery substances to stick your hands into searching for a prize, and costume contests are a hoot and good, if not clean, fun. This holiday has a history of darkness and bad stuff, but it is really easy not to even see or notice that stuff, especially if you try to avoid it, and instead appreciate Halloween as a celebration of fall and all the great stuff that comes with my favorite season – pumpkins, the changing colors and falling of the leaves, cider and donuts, apples, cute costumes, and lots of sweet treats! What’s not to like?!

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