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Nearing the End

Our garden is finally really taking off. We enjoyed a fair bit a swiss chard, spinach and lettuce early on, but really didn’t have anything to show for all the labors of planting this spring until this week. We now have a red pepper, several peppers growing and lots and lots of carrots along with some beets. Hopefully, the first frost will be late in the fall so that our peppers will be able to grow and ripen a bit more.

I must admit that with the produce we are producing, I’m feeling pretty proud of our pathetic garden. It’s really too bad that Josiah doesn’t like carrots, because they are going to be in every meal for a few weeks.


Bingo Markers

Sunday we opened up our home to host a Bible study for the first time in a very long time. It’s fun to be able to do this again, but with kids we don’t always get to all the details of cleaning up. I forgot to put the toilet paper back on the holder when Thaddeus left, but I’m sure everyone was able to locate it and they might have noticed something else strange in the bathroom as well.

That’s just how things work when you have curious and fearless little ones. There are very few places that are out of reach of children as the bingo markers near the bathroom ceiling clearly indicate they need to be kept. For now we have three places where we store all kinds of interesting things. You’ll find the scissors and batteries above the kitchen counter, the stapler along with random screws or nails on the top of the book shelf and the bingo markers above the toilet.