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On Monday, I will be fulfilling my civic duty and reporting downtown for jury duty. I am most distressed about this. I am still mostly exclusively nursing, since TJ doesn’t really eat any solids (although he does seem to like guacamole, pinto beans, and pancakes, so hopefully he won’t cry too much from hunger). I am really disappointed in this clear NO answer from God in my request to not go. I shouldn’t be surprised since every other avenue that I pursued (yes, I talked to my dr and this already a delay from last year’s summons) in getting out of this came up empty, but still I am. I’m also irritated at myself for being so selfish and ungrateful since jury duty is something that I should be proud to do, to serve in this simple way. My thoughtful husband tried to encourage me to recognize that I have something to learn from this all. I suppose he is right, again.

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Lost Anyone?

Some people seem to be big fans of a certain TV show that I personally find to be interesting, but far too disturbing and unresolved at every turn to enjoy. Brian and I watched the first season a while back and then decided to give it another chance since so many of our friends and family are addicted. I definitely enjoyed the one-hour recap better than I would’ve watching the entire 5 seasons. Am I the only one?