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are good for all sorts of things:
-making noise (LOTS of noise!)
-jumping on
-learning to share and take turns
-mastering cooperation & teamwork
-teaching survival skills (how to fight off the big, bad toy stealer)
-entertaining on boring car rides
-torturing on car rides
-blaming each other
-dressing up & pretending
-making messes (LOTS of messes!)

At least, that’s what they’re good for today in our house.


Mmm… Granola

My house smells so good right now, like warm honey and almonds. I think that there are few things better than homemade treats. My favorite sweets include freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, cinnamon rolls and granola. I couldn’t wait until breakfast and had a bowl while it was still warm!
Here’s the recipe:
3-1/2 cups rolled oats
2 cups almonds, smashed/cut in pieces
1/4 cup shredded coconut
small handful of brown sugar (about 2 T. probably)
1/4 cup honey and a little extra
1/4 cup oil
Mix together, then spread on cookie sheet and bake at 250 F for 1 hour, stirring every 15 minutes. Stir occasionally while cooling to prevent clumping.


Not Yet Gray

But I’m definitely getting older. I cannot believe that today we celebrated my daughter’s fifth birthday. She really is growing up and while I am very much a part of her every waking moment, I’m afraid that somehow I’m missing it. The days are often a blur of household chores, shopping, or even fun outings, but still going so quickly as to all jumble together. I am so grateful for Eila and all her spunk. Her name is perfect for her and her joie de vivre. She is sensitive and smart with a laugh that makes everyone around join in. It is my great privilege to be the one who kisses her scrapes and bruises, who sings her lullabies and tickles her until she begs for mercy, who stops her bossing her brothers around and teaches her to set the table, who reads to her without end and loves her even more than that. Happy birthday to my sweet baby girl, who will always be my little girl – just like she promised me this week!


Book Review: Outlander Series

I recently finished reading the most recent (7th) installment “An Echo in the Bone” by Diana Gabaldon in her adventure, romance, time-travel series. I devoured this series and had fun reading each book. However, I was rather disappointed in this latest book for a few reasons: the story was slower than the others in the series and very jumpy with three different time periods and plots to follow and at the end of the book, when it was getting interesting (and very confusing) it just ends and now I’ll have to wait years to find out what happens.

As a whole for the series, I really enjoy the strange plot twists despite the absolute implausibility of it all and the way that the main characters survive time and time again. I also love historical romance and learning about events that really took place through things that didn’t. (The Mark of the Lion series by Francine Rivers might be my very favorite fictional series!) The first book is the best, IMHO, and can be read by itself. If you are like me, you’ll probably keep reading and wish that you had waited until Ms. Gabaldon is finished writing this series so that all the lose ends can be tied up. Although, it might take a while to read them all, so you could just get started so you’ll be ready when the next one is released. (These books are long: 650-1500 pages.)

As a side note, I’ve been caught telling my kids “Dinna fash” and calling them my “wee bairns.”


Return to Normal

After a fabulous visit with family over the past two weeks, we are all pretty tired. Apparently, family fun involves leaving our house every morning with lot of diapers and a few changes of clothes to return home well after the wee ones’ usual bedtime, think 3-4 hours after.
So, tonight the kids were all in bed at 7pm and Brian and I watched (part of) a free movie from amazon-Thanks to! While this isn’t at all normal, it’s the fast track to get everyone back in the swing of normal. Here’s hoping that they all sleep until the sun rises…

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