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Ten Reasons to Rejoice

1. Eila talks with God and knows that what she asks for, she’ll get.
2. Josiah only cut his eyebrow/lid and didn’t need stitches.
3. Thaddeus slept for almost 10 hours last night, without waking up to feed.
4. Brian went grocery shopping and prepared tonight’s dinner over the weekend.
5. My parents joined us for a super comfort food dinner on Saturday.
6. We had a great time at the Kraly’s church’s Christmas pageant on Sunday.
7. Our kitchen is super bright with a complete set of working lightbulbs.
8. The final book in the series I’ve been reading is on hold at the library.
9. I’m done with my Christmas shopping, mostly.
10. My bed has flannel sheets and is warm and waiting for me.

Of course, there are many more…

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