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Peace & Quiet

I have been trying for some time to get my children on the same or at least somewhat overlapping nap schedule and today I have succeeded! It is wonderful to have a little time to myself during the day and do a few things on my ever-growing list. But, first I procrastinate by chattering on and on about how I have a few minutes of time while both of my beloved children nap… I suppose that having quiet might be something that others would try to escape or fill. I am not like those people. I enjoy not hearing anything at all – except right now the click-clack of the keys on the keyboard and the final spin of the washer with an occasional bang from the overalls in the dryer. However, when I’ve said my bit here, I’m going to go read a chapter or two and curl up with in the easy chair with no noise (I’m not even going to change the laundry!) Peacefulness is, of course, a gift from our great God and He has blessed my heart with peace even while Eila spent a good portion of the morning crying because she was hungry, but didn’t want to eat and Josiah fussed because he has a cold and is generally uncomfortable. So, I’m off to relish the peace and quiet in the house while it lasts.


Six Weird Things About Me

Sally tagged me, so here goes.

1. I was voted “Most Talkative” in Jr. High, but cannot think of anything to say to new people that I meet.
2. While being a bit of a perfectionist, my house is never clean. I hate sweeping and vacuuming, so I wait for Brian to do it… I also hate washing dishes, so I only do them as needed (usually about once a week).
3. I used to think that I didn’t like chocolate, but it’s just that I don’t like cheap chocolate (and that’s all my mother had ever given me – no offense, Mom.) I loathe M&Ms and Hershey’s bars, but like brownies and hot chocolate, and especially like Belgian truffles.
4. Recently, I am only interested in movies or TV shows that are extremely clean (rated PG or G) and happy. I really enjoy watching programs geared to young teenagers. I have enough stress and disappointment in life that I don’t want to watch someone else go through that too. I also do not feel any need to defile myself any more than I already do…
5. I am a tandem nursing mother. On rare occasions, I can be found breastfeeding two children at the same time. Usually though, they have to wait their turn.
6. I love being pregnant. Pregnancy agrees with me. My hair is thick and shiny. My skin is clear. I never need a coat (as I am a human furnace during pregnancy. I have a great excuse to eat and sleep whenever. The only drawbacks are limits on carbonated and alcoholic beverages and raw fish.

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Resolutions for 2007

Things that I am resolving (which means according to Merriam-Webster, to deal with successfully, to reach a firm decision about) to do in the upcoming year are: 1) Serve others by God’s grace, not my own efforts to earn their approval or praise, but as a response of love – giving a gift to God (as I would to a friend or someone that might a special something). 2) Obey God and move forward in what He has already given me to do, even if it’s scary or difficult or seemingly unimportant or non-essential.

In the past my resolutions have been the same as everyone else on the planet, to eat healthier, to exercise more, read more of the Bible, etc. I have done very well with these goals for the most part. One example is running a marathon in 2003, but this year I feel like I do those things anyway or at least I try to do those things regularly every day. So, for this year, I want to be nicer. That’s what I told Brian my resolution was going to be: Be Nicer! I think that is something that I really want to do and can successfully do with God’s help. Still, “Be Nicer” isn’t a very clear or specific goal and in order for me to accomplish anything in this regards it needs to be very specific and measurable as well as achievable.

You may be thinking about what being nicer would look like to you… For me, it includes many things. For starters, not yelling or slamming doors or even pouting or thinking about how unfair and terrible it all is when my kids and husband are not doing exactly what I want is much nicer than my current modus operandi. Also, I’d like to help those who need it, like watching a friend’s kids so she do whatever she wants, chatting with a lonely person, providing a meal or clean home to a friend or stranger, or most helpful diligently praying for others. Most challenging for me is probably so easy for everyone else, but being nicer to the strangers I encounter every day – cashiers, wait staff, other drivers and shoppers. I think it’s very reasonable for me to smile and share a friendly greeting, even when provoked or annoyed. There are, of course, many other nice things that I could do, but I think this will be a good start for me…

Going back to my resolutions as numbered above, these both fall into the broad category of being nice. Number One is an attempt to specifically, yet generally, define being nicer to others. Number Two is the reasoning behind my resolutions and sort of a catch all for anything that I might have left out or forgotten (or am not ready to admit/deal with just yet).

Here’s to a Happy New Year!

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