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Our missions journey to date has been full of lots of waiting and unknowns. That is sure to continue.

We started to have a clearer picture of what the future might hold in November 2015 when we became members of Wycliffe Bible Translators. December marked the official invitation for us to go to Cameroon. And so, we ended the year with a lot more answers than we started with.

In January 2016, we attended the orientation course, Equip, in Orlando. We learned a lot. Among the lessons we learned that we can plan, but God has the ultimate plan, which may not match ours exactly. Then in February, our Partnership Development (PD) began. We sent out our very first newsletter and began to tell people about what we planned to do (because we finally knew some of those answers!)

Early in March, it became clear that we would have to go to France for language study and so we began researching and learning about that.

As we began to try to learn more in preparation for our move, we were connected with a family in Cameroon and got our buddies in April. (We really do wish this had happened much earlier, maybe if a full year earlier!)

We sent out another newsletter in May and reached the halfway point in our monthly financial partnership promises. This cleared the way for us to attend a required training in NC in the fall.

In June, we decided to attend language school in a small village in the French Alps. From the CCEF, we learned that our classes will start on January 3, 2017.

Now it is July and we are the missionaries of the month at our home church. That means that we are talking in front of the church one Sunday, doing a presentation with some families from our church and that we are being prayed for specifically each Wednesday at prayer.

August and September will be more PD work for us and hopefully our Wycliffe ministry will have a full partnership team. We will send out information to our prayer partners about a specific day to pray for each other each month. We’ve already been praying for each of our partners and this will help us to be more orderly about it. This is also when we will have a garage sale and possibly put our house on the market.

The Intercultural Communication Course (ICC) is another training for Brian and I. So, we will be going to JAARS in NC for the month of October (and one week of November) to study and learn as much as possible to help us in our transition. The plan for the kids is to stay in school and live with their grandparents while we are gone. Brian will likely leave his current job in October as we will be working full-time as missionaries (in training).

We will all need to go to Chicago for a visa interview in November. If all goes according to our plan, we will have our visas in time to leave for France at the end of December 2016. I am also going to try to make a last trip to LA to visit my sister and her new baby girl that should be born at the end of November!

So, January-June 2017, we will be studying French in France and then if everything works according to my plan, we will be fluent and ready to return to the US for a quick visit with family and friends in July 2017. Then we will move to Cameroon by August 2017 so that the kids can start the new school year in our new home.


Out on the Town

I sometimes feel stuck in a rut. While I know that there are lots of fun, different, new things that could be done, in the moment, I struggle to come up with anything other than what we did the last time. So, to help myself, and maybe the other person or two who reads this blog: some date night ideas – at home or out – fun things B & I have done…

Obviously dinner at a local restaurant is a standard option. Living in the metro-Detroit area, we have tried and like:
Cellar 849
Forest Grill (we haven’t been back since new chef…)
Lucy & the Wolf
Seldon Standard
Tofu House
Zingerman’s Roadhouse

I know there are those who do not love the fine dining experience or are trying not to spend all the money in one meal. Most of our dates, we try to be a little more frugal. Here are some free (or without extra expense, at least) dates that we’ve enjoyed:
Bike riding
Walk in woods
Library visit
Play games – like Agricola
Watch home videos (or movies we own)
Cook dinner together at home
Rollerblading around the neighborhood
Walk along riverfront
Stroll through quaint downtown areas and watch people
Art museum visit
Summer outdoor concert series
Progressive dinner with friends (at each other’s homes)
Relax on deck
Read books
Flying (Brian has his private pilot’s license!)
Clean out basement/garage/bedroom/____ (productive, but not as fun)

Finally, a few ideas we should try:
Segway rental on Hines
Canoeing – just us, no kids!
Dance class
Hot air balloon ride
Hi-ropes course
Lazer tag
Concerts in the park
Ice skating

What ideas do you have?