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The last weekend in June, we made lots of family memories as we went tent camping at Metamora-Hadley State Park and enjoyed the beach, campfires, nature walks, and uncomfortable sleeping. Our beach fun included swimming, building sand castles, canals, dams, etc. Eila and I also had a little handstand contest on the beach. As always, I like to win and gave a good effort despite the fact that Eila spends more time at gymnastics than I do cooking. After just a few rounds, I somehow, suddenly got going downhill too fast on my hands and fell face first into the sand. This wouldn’t be a big deal, except that I scraped off a decent bit of surface skin on my forehead, on my nose and above my lip as well as bruised my chin. Because the sand is such a great exfoliator, I needed several large bandages to stop the bleeding and am left with some gross scabs as my body works its new skin growing magic.


Summer Bucket List

I started this list in early June, but am just now getting around to making it legible…

Here are some things we’ve already checked off the list:
Plant Garden
Pick Strawberries
Make Jam
Go Camping
Watch Race Cars
Play at Beach
Swim with Friends
Attend Car Show
Visit Rouge Factory Tour
Go to Carnival
Visit Zoo

Remaining Fun To Be Had:
Watch Fireworks
Go to MLB game
Attend Foster Care Info Meeting
Have a BBQ
Organize Storage Room
Host a Game Night
Watch Olympics
Visit Hands-On Museum
Hike at State Park
Ride Bikes
Visit Farm (for milk, produce &/or animals)
Work on House Projects
Play Tennis
Visit Titanic Exhibit
Go Putt-Putting
Visit Art Museum
Print Photo Books for Kids
Go Rollerskating
Tour Botanical Gardens
Pick Blueberries
Vacation without Kids!