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Crazy Week

Yet again…

It feels like every week is crazy so far this fall. We aren’t involved in preschool or lots of classes or groups because I wanted to have a season of rest and enjoy the time at home. So far just keeping up with groceries and cleaning has proved to be a challenge.

I hope we’re not so busy with big stuff that we are missing all the fun little stuff – that’s what I feel like and fear is happening. But then I can think of the little things that we’ve been doing that have been really amazing too – like last week we stopped at Hines for a nature walk and collected leaves and jumped on rocks for a while. Eila and Josiah and I cuddled and read books together for a long time this afternoon. On Saturday, Brian and the kids raked the yard and played outside for a couple of hours while I cleaned and cooked, so things like my trip to Dallas or the Mom to Mom Sale are big, but not the only things in our lives.


Family Update: Allergies, Weaning and More

So, today was Josiah’s visit to the allergist and after two hours, I came away with a prescription for singulair and an epi-pen as well as a tired and hungry little boy, whose skin test showed no allergies. It seems strange to me that despite a clear skin test, the allergist felt that the evidence was strong enough for Josiah to need me to carry an epi-pen around everywhere we go. He went for a blood test too, but we’ll discuss those results in a month. In the meantime, we are to continue to stay away from dairy and also eggs now. Plus, Josiah is to get a bath of at least 30-minutes each and every day followed by lots of lotion.

I don’t know if I’ll fill the prescriptions, but the allergist made a good case for the singulair especially since Josiah seems to be getting a little cold now and that is a big trigger for his asthma. I hate to disboey orders and not follow directions, but at the same time my main role (IMO) as his mom is to take care of him as best I can. Part of taking care of Josiah includes not pumping him full of unnecessary drugs and also taking the steps needed to prevent the preventable (like breathing problems due to a cold.)

This past weekend was momentous for the Yees as it was the first time I left for more than a few hours. Brian took off two days from work while I traveled to Dallas for the MOPS Int’l Convention. I had a great time learning and gaining vision and perspective and having a little bit of time to refresh. The trip did result in the complete weaning of Josiah. There is nothing left for him to get, but he is still asking often. He seems okay with a chocolate (rice) milk substitute, even if a little disappointed. This means that I am able to resume a normal diet as full of dairy as I desire.

Eila is very hopeful that she will have a little sister in about 6 months. I am now over 14 weeks pregnant with baby #4 and Eila has been very clear that she would like this one to be a girl. We’ll find out on November 5, God willing, if she is going to get her wish. I am feeling pretty good, if a little bit tired. The kids have been really interested in the baby since we checked out a very informative book from the library (maybe a little TMI was included in the first reading, but Eila hasn’t seemed to notice the skipping of the middle since then!)

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