Closet Cleanse

I’ve somewhat recently learned about a minimalist or capsule wardrobe.

Step One: Figure out my style. What do I love? What do I feel good in? What do others compliment me on?

Step Two: Purge my closet. Does it fit? Is it appropriate? Do I love it? Will I wear it?

Step Three: Fill in the gaps. What do I want my wardrobe to consist of?

Step Four: Relish and refine.

My style… I don’t really know what my style is. I do know that I like to wear brighter colors, v-necks or boat-necks, scarfs or sweaters/cardigans for winter, cotton dresses or skirts for summer, and soft fabrics. I received a compliment on my coral shirt, striped cardigan, … and my haircut. I’ve received several compliments on a hand-me-down black jacket, and it does look nice, but it might not be my style. I’m ashamed to say that it is too trendy for me. My favorite pieces are really old, a bit classic, but still fun. Unfortunately, most of my favorite pieces need to be replaced. Finding a shirt or skirt that fits well, hangs just right, is comfortable and is reasonably priced is a task that takes more time and energy than I have for shopping. Of course, I think I could really enjoy this process if I were to take along a friend or two.