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Is anyone else tired? I have been getting what many would consider more than sufficient amounts of sleep… about 8 hours a night, but I’m still completely exhausted every afternoon. I took a 15-minute nap this morning and still want another one now. Is this laziness? pregnancy? old age? motherhood?



This past weekend was the Country Music Marathon in Nashville, complete with a half-marathon as well. So, some friends and I – along with our husbands and kids, decided to walk 13.1 miles for fun. It was fun. I guess most marathons are the basically the same with the differences being locale, weather and difficulty of the course. The atmosphere was very similar to the Detroit Free Press Marathon that I ran in 2003. Running fans are great everywhere.

I must admit that walking the half was more than half as bad as running the full. It took almost as long to walk and so my feet were equally as sore. Plus, being pregnant and weighing a little more, I think it influenced my physical fitness level a bit more than I imagined it would. Don’t get me wrong, running a marathon is a lot harder than walking half that distance, but walking was much harder than I anticipated. Both, though, are very rewarding and I hope to compete again someday.