As The Saying Goes

Time flies when you’re having fun. We must be having a lot of fun!

I think we really are, but we’re so busy it’s hard to be certain. School, church, sports (basketball for Josiah and gymnastics for Eila, plus exercising for me too), and home make up the routine of our days. We are trying to keep Sundays as our family day and play games, take a walk, or watch a movie together. Brian has been traveling for work about once a month, so that adds a little variety to the schedule. Eila’s gymnastics competitive season is in full swing and we are traveling at least a few weekends each month with her. In January, we went to Toledo and then on to Columbus to visit my family. It was so much fun for all of us – playing games with our cousins, shooting pumpkins, eating well, and just catching up with each other. At the beginning of February we enjoyed a long weekend in Chicago where Brian and I celebrated all of our special occasions for the year with a most delicious and fabulous meal at Moto. We also loved exploring the Museum of Science and Industry as well as doing a little shopping. One of the highlights of that trip was the stop we made on the way home to visit some dear friends. This weekend, Eila and I will take a girls’ trip to Holland; we’ll probably try to squeeze in a little shopping during our time away.


The Odds Are Pretty Good

After my little guy hit his head on the corner of the coffee table and got a few stitches on his forehead, we resumed our normal routine of life including some gymnastics. I never imagined that it would happen that he could get hurt at gymnastics. We spend A LOT of time at the gym and with all the mats and pads around, we’ve only ever had minor injuries and even those have been very rare. Of course, just a few minutes after arriving at the gym, the kids were playing two of them bumped heads. Thaddeus was one of them and the loud scream and blood were good signs that this was not a simple little bonk on the head. He hit his head exactly on his stitches and bust them all out. I just kept saying “What are the chances?”

Well, after we got the big kids to Grandma’s house, Thad and I returned to urgent care, where this time there was a decent wait and he did great except for a few fretful outbursts of “NO! No more stitches. No stitches!” When we saw the doctor, she was kind and patient and said several times that odds are this will happen again and that we’ll be back in there getting stitches again in a few days… So, his head is not just glued with some steri-strips over top and we have made it a whole 24 hours without a return to urgent care!


A Funny Thing Happened

So, this morning we started the traditional family Saturday kids’ sports day. It was on the way home from Josiah’s soccer practice, which I left early to put TJ down for nap and get something to eat since I missed breakfast to take Eila to gymnastics… Well, Thaddeus found it very entertaining to drop things out of the wagon periodically. He would then say, “Mama. Mama.” When I looked stopped, I’d look back where he was pointing and see his jacket or bowl or some other item chucked overboard. Then, I’d run back to get it and he’d giggle and repeat. I got a decent workout, so I didn’t really mind and he was entertained.

Fast forward several hours back at home, everyone is now home, fed and playing quietly or sleeping. I needed something from my wallet and was looking around unable to locate it. I spent about 15 minutes searching and figured that it had to have been dropped on our walk home.

So, I set out for a walk, half praying for it to be intact on the sidewalk somewhere, half mumbling to myself about how dumb I was to leave my wallet in the wagon with a kid who was emptying it onto the sidewalk.

Well, the funny thing is that at the house for sale where I was going to turn around, where several people were standing around, I found my wallet – full of money and receipts and credit cards. God answered my prayer and I’ve learned my lesson, I hope.


My Diet Plan

Some women wonder how to lose all their baby weight and get back their girlish figure. This is what worked for me; it might work for you too:
1. Tandem Nursing
2. Exercise at least twice a week, especially while holding one or two kids (not including running after kids or walking with friends or at the zoo or shopping or cleaning.)
3. Drink a glass of water whenever you think you might be hungry, then eat.
4. Get the stomach flu, more than once really helps (but not much fun!)
5. Never weigh yourself.

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My Sweet Babies

Eila and Josiah in the jogging stroller


Return to Racing

I made my return to racing last night with a 5k in Novi. It was a perfect night to run/race and I had no excuse not to go, so I went. It was fun to be at a race, even though I was on my own. The running community is pretty friendly and I saw a couple people I knew from other places. I must admit that running these 3.1 miles was much harder than I anticipated. It has been a few weeks since I’ve run and the course is really flat, so I figured it would be easy and feel great. That wasn’t exactly right. I felt beat up and more than a little sick. It was not easy, but I did finish in under 29 minutes, so it definitely could’ve been worse. After I ate and rested a bit, I am ready for another race. Maybe, this time I’ll try to run a little more beforehand.


Asking Advice

It seems like people are often asking me for advice and I gladly oblige because I enjoy telling people my opinion as though it is fact. I am a first born and love to be the boss. Telling people what to do come very naturally for me. Unfortunately, I can appear to know what I’m talking about without actually be informed at all.

The most common reason I am asked for advice is dealing with raising kids. My friends who have children younger than my little toddler or those who are expecting a second child soon. Questions range from feeding, diapering, playing, etc. I do feel that I am fairly well-informed in all of these areas, but I am no expert (despite the way I may sound if you ask me to talk about any of these topics.) I recently gave faulty advice to my sister and am hoping that she didn’t take it.

Folks will also ask me for wisdom on exercising, esp. running. I enjoy running, but really don’t know much other than what I’ve learned works for me. Again, I pass off what works for me as expert experience and knowledge that others can and should take as pearls of great worth. I do read an occasional running magazine, so some information may be accurate, but there is no guarantee.

Basically, I just want to put out a warning to “Ask at your own risk” I am happy to indoctrinate anyone who asks with my philosophies and practical methods of childrearing, running, eating, and anything else, but the asker assumes all liability associated with following any of my suggestions, recommendations, or demands.



I enjoy exercise. Most people who know me won’t be surprised at that claim. I really like doing workout videos and the stationary bike as well as lifting weights or attending an aerobics or yoga or dance class. I especially like running or walking or rollerblading or biking outside and with a friend. One of the things I like about exercise is the way that I feel after – not the tired, thirsty, sweaty part, but after the shower and rehydration. I like feeling like I’ve done something good for myself and had fun doing it; I feel like I can do anything and have the energy and stamina to achieve my goals. If I’ve spent that time with a friend, I feel productive and usually loved or cared for as well as hopefully good about sharing life and love with someone else. Probably my favorite part of exercise is the indulgence that I allow myself at the next meal. I really enjoy eating and when I’m exercising I have a better appetite and more fully appreciate and savor my meals (and desserts, occasionally).

My plan was to start running outside again on March 1st after a long hiatus (because of pregnancy & then a cold, snowy winter). Unfortunately, the cold, snowy winter hasn’t ended and seems to be picking up steam. So, I guess I’ll just have to wait. I will run with my kids in the double jogging stroller, so it need to be at least 45ºF before I feel that it’s not cruel and unusual punishment for them. Our first goal is to train for a 5K run in April. If we can get a good start soon, maybe I’ll even try to run the 10K…

I’ve always been able to discipline myself to exercise my body, if only I could stay in shape mentally and spiritually as well… I guess I should take the hint and go read a little to exercise my heart and mind.

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First Time

There is a first time for everything. Today was my first time to be thrown up on by someone other than myself. I didn’t like it at all, but I didn’t join in, which is much better than I’d ever expected. There is some truth to that being a mom and not being bothered by some things as much. You just have to hold your breath and do what needs to be done.

Yesterday was Eila’s first time really seeing snow (at least that she can remember). She was hilarious. I’ve never seen anyone so excited about snow. I always enjoy watching the first snow, but driving in it isn’t the best. Well, we were taking a trip to the mall and the entire car ride was spent talking about the snow and how it’s cold and windy and pretty and white and basically just wonderful! It was refreshing to be reminded of the beauty around me in such a simple way. Eila was even more excited when we played in the snow for a few minutes after we got back home.

The first time that I knew my baby was smiling at me was one of the most precious things. There are lots of memorable first times for me: buying a house, running a marathon, going to a UM football game, and hearing Eila say “t’aime” (love you) are just a few of the more interesting ones. It’s remarkable how each day we do so many things that we did the day before and yet there is usually something new there as well. I am trying to take a minute at the end of the day to enjoy that first time for whatever it was that day, even if it is cleaning up puke off of everything around.

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This past weekend was the Country Music Marathon in Nashville, complete with a half-marathon as well. So, some friends and I – along with our husbands and kids, decided to walk 13.1 miles for fun. It was fun. I guess most marathons are the basically the same with the differences being locale, weather and difficulty of the course. The atmosphere was very similar to the Detroit Free Press Marathon that I ran in 2003. Running fans are great everywhere.

I must admit that walking the half was more than half as bad as running the full. It took almost as long to walk and so my feet were equally as sore. Plus, being pregnant and weighing a little more, I think it influenced my physical fitness level a bit more than I imagined it would. Don’t get me wrong, running a marathon is a lot harder than walking half that distance, but walking was much harder than I anticipated. Both, though, are very rewarding and I hope to compete again someday.


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