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Longing for peace & quiet

It’s 10pm and after a long, rainy day, I’m beat. Yet, my daughter is screaming and fighting sleep like I’ve never seen her do. My husband just puked out his guts. My newborn is wide awake and a little gassy (so not too happy either). It’s going to be a short night (or a long one, if you know what I mean).



It’s almost time for Josiah to eat again, so this will be quick. But, changes are taking place now. My new baby is starting to sleep better (ie longer) at night and my big girl is starting to speak in sentences and make her desires clearly known. This means, that by the grace of God, just as I need more patience, I am getting more sleep, which invariably helps with the patience… Yeah!

Also, the house hasn’t changed nearly as much as I’d imagined for having a newborn. Going from 0-1 child rocks your world (or at least it did mine), but going from 1-2 kids was a walk in the park and things are basically the same as before, except that there is another baby to take care of. So, the really changes are in the level of noise in the house and the amount of time it takes to get things done – both growing with more children. Also, the amount of love has grown as well and the pleasure at watching them develop and do the things that kids do.

Change is not always bad. In fact, I think I like all of these changes, even the trying ones (like Eila drawing on the walls and floor and peeing on the chair rather than in the potty…)


What are you afraid of?

I’m definitely afraid of being alone and of failing or being seen as a failure at anything. I am also afraid of heights and many-legged creepy-crawly things.

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