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Time and Time Again

Little Yee #3 is almost 7 months old and he is crawling, cruising, clapping and generally very busy. I am sort of in shock at the simple passage of time. I am proud of all that my kids do. Well, maybe not all that they do, but at least proud of them most of the time. I am also terrified of the crazy speed at which they are growing and changing. Not that I don’t want them to mature and develop in the amazing ways they were designed for, I do.
BUT, I feel like I’m so busy with just taking care of them at times that I don’t even see the changes. It’s like I’m missing their growing up simply by being too close… I am so grateful to be able to be so close and yet very aware that it is only for a short time (relatively speaking – since yesterday when #2 was waking up #3 and emptying the toilet paper roll AGAIN and eating all my cider mill donuts seemed like a very, very long time!)


Well Visits

Today I am taking two kids to the dr. office for well visits, which I am coming to realize are really vaccination appts. I used to think that people who said that were a bit over-the-top, but after taking three kids in a their regularly scheduled visits, I see that there is really very little point to these visits except giving vaccinations. Sure, they measure the wee ones and ask questions to see that they are developping normally, but I think that if there was really any concern, the parents would bring them in for a check-up.
Well, I am very grateful that my kids are all perfectly normal and very healthy, so we heading out for our vaccination visit despite the fact that they will not get immunizations today as we are all battling a little cold.

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