Time and Time Again

Little Yee #3 is almost 7 months old and he is crawling, cruising, clapping and generally very busy. I am sort of in shock at the simple passage of time. I am proud of all that my kids do. Well, maybe not all that they do, but at least proud of them most of the time. I am also terrified of the crazy speed at which they are growing and changing. Not that I don’t want them to mature and develop in the amazing ways they were designed for, I do.
BUT, I feel like I’m so busy with just taking care of them at times that I don’t even see the changes. It’s like I’m missing their growing up simply by being too close… I am so grateful to be able to be so close and yet very aware that it is only for a short time (relatively speaking – since yesterday when #2 was waking up #3 and emptying the toilet paper roll AGAIN and eating all my cider mill donuts seemed like a very, very long time!)

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