Not Yet Gray

But I’m definitely getting older. I cannot believe that today we celebrated my daughter’s fifth birthday. She really is growing up and while I am very much a part of her every waking moment, I’m afraid that somehow I’m missing it. The days are often a blur of household chores, shopping, or even fun outings, but still going so quickly as to all jumble together. I am so grateful for Eila and all her spunk. Her name is perfect for her and her joie de vivre. She is sensitive and smart with a laugh that makes everyone around join in. It is my great privilege to be the one who kisses her scrapes and bruises, who sings her lullabies and tickles her until she begs for mercy, who stops her bossing her brothers around and teaches her to set the table, who reads to her without end and loves her even more than that. Happy birthday to my sweet baby girl, who will always be my little girl – just like she promised me this week!

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