25 Random Things

I was tagged (a few times and a while ago…), so here it is:

1. I feel badly about hogging the computer and writing this up instead of talking to my husband.
2. My husband is playing WOW and probably glad that I’m not talking to him.
3. I like to give advice, when asked for it especially, but also if not asked.
4. My favorite food is fresh-baked cookies.
5. I really dislike pickles, fennel (anise), and dill.
6. Going to a fancy restaurant and spending several hours eating fine cuisine with good company is the best.
7. I enjoy being the center of Josiah’s world, but am really anxious for him to ask for Daddy at 3am instead of me.
8. I know all about breech babies – turning, delivering, types, etc.
9. I hope that all this breech baby info will be totally unnecessary for me.
10. My little sister is getting married this summer.
11. I could use a massage right now.
12. I’m reading three books and four magazines whenever I get the chance.
13. I love to cook with my husband.
14. I do not like grocery shopping and meal planning.
15. I’m really excited to go to Ohio this weekend for my nephew’s first birthday.
16. Josiah is getting really good about the potty; that makes me feel strangely very proud.
17. I haven’t talked to my birth-father since before Christmas and might not until next Christmas.
18. I talked to my step-father last night and will again tomorrow.
19. High School Musical 2 is in the DVD player.
20. My feet get really cold now that we moved the computer next to the large front window.
21. Even the picture on the front of The Shield DVD case disturbs me.
22. Both of my kids are sleeping on the floor by their own choice (and do every night).
23. I need three pillows to get comfy at night, but would prefer four or five.
24. Last night I slept about for about four hours total with various interruptions: Josiah, Josiah, Josiah, baby boy, Josiah, baby boy…
25. I think I’ve decided on baby boy’s name, but I don’t know if Brian agrees.

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