Bugs and Boogers

I mostly love having boys, but sometimes the fascination with gross stuff is more than I enjoy. I know that my boys are still really young and this is only the beginning, but today was about my limit of bugs and boogers.

Thaddeus is teething or has a cold or both and has a constant stream of snot that stretches out from anything he touches, including me. You should be thanking me that I decided not to post the picture I considered. I used less than 25 words to describe it to you, imagine what the picture would’ve said…

Very early this morning, as I am getting out of bed, Josiah starts talking: Mom, I just saw a spider ant.
M: Where?
J: Right here, but he went away. He’ll be right back. He just went to get dressed.
M: Ok. (leaving to go to the kitchen)

A few minutes later…
J: He’s dressed. There’s the ant spider!
M: What?
J: Come see. Look!
M: (coming and seeing that it’s a centipede, then grabbing the nearest book and smashing this bug.) Oh!
J: What’s that? Oh, he pooped. That’s him poop.

Later in the day, Josiah and Eila are on the porch letting ants tickle their arms.
They open the door and come running in.
Josiah, proudly announces: An ant went up my nose!
M: What!?!
J: It crawled right up here. (sticking his finger in his nose)
M: Did it come out?
J: Yeah!
M: Good. How did it feel?
J: Tickles. Him was trying to eat all the boogers.

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