Josiah’s Birthday?

There has been a great deal of discussion today about Joe’s birthday. First, Eila sang “Happy Birthday, Josiah Robert” and told him that it’s his birthday and we should have cake and ice cream. Then, Brian and I were talking about how kids grow up so fast… Joe is already 8 months. From this followed the disagreement about when his actual birthday is – September 6th or September 7th. Guess who won?

It wasn’t me. I apparently have the same problem with my children’s birthdays that my mother has. She has never gotten my birthday right (always saying it’s one day later than it actually is… no hard feelings, but lots of teasing!) and now I am following in her footsteps. I am hoping that by admitting my ignorance publicly, I’ll be able to remember that Josiah’s birthday is the 7th and not be confused again. We’ll see!

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