Joy of Joys

I want to be a woman that people see and say: She is enjoying life.

Basically, I want to be so content and at peace with the circumstances in my life that no matter what, it shows. Not in a fake happy, everything is fine sort of way, but in a calm, confident, and trusting in a Being beyond myself sort of way. Does that make any sense?!

I love being Brian’s wife. I also love being Eila’s and Josiah’s mom. I also love being God’s daughter. I hope that I’m never caught complaining about these things, maybe sharing the trials and lessons learned to help and encourage others, but not as a comparison or badge or anything else.

How do I show that my joy of joys is fulfilling the mission and ministry that God has given me? I think I first have to accept the challenge and truly enjoy it. If I’m not 100% satisfied and content with God, then I won’t be able to show that. It seems so painfully simple and yet even as I write, I’m stumped as to how to actually live in this way.

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