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I mentioned today to some acquaintances that we are taking a family vacation soon and that I’m hoping that all three kids will sleep as we are taking a red-eye flight. The responses were many variations on the same theme. Some more sympathetic than others, but mostly just shock and horror at the prospect of flying overnight with three little ones. Maybe they are right and I really have fallen off my rocker, but it seems like a better plan that trying to entertain my wee bitty baby for five hours in my lap… Those older two will watch movies til their eyes fall out, so they should be fine no matter what, right? I pray these are not my famous last words.

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Merry Christmas


World Travels

For the first time in 5 years, I went to Canada this weekend. The last time was on a fabulous camping trip with a bunch of young couples when I was not even showing in my pregnancy with Eila. This time I went without my wonderful mate. Instead, I traveled with seven children and just three other adults.

We all had a blast visiting the touristy Cliffton Hill and riding the Maid of the Mist, despite TJ’s vociferous complaints about the poncho. I especially enjoyed walking through the gardens and along the river between the falls. My kids loved the waterpark where we spent the better part of two days. If only getting back into the US was as quick and easy as getting back into Canada, I’d be willing to do this trip every year. (Thank God for the DVDs and stale bagels that held the kids over from 5:15-8:30pm!)


Family Vaca

Vacation = 2 parents + 3 kids + 11 days + 6 “homes” + 5 museums + 2 weddings + 1 mini-van + ∞ good times.

We traveled across Pennsylvania & New Jersey to Brooklyn then to Philadelphia and Amish country, stopping at Gettysburg continuing on through Maryland, West Virginia, PA, and Ohio. The dancing and eating were nonstop. Sleeping was optional. Laundry piled high. Swimming, playing at parks, riding trains, milking cows, feeding goats, exploring new places were never enough. The flower girl and ring bearer nearly stole the show with their cuteness.


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