Cloth vs. Disposable

I feel like there should be more choices in diapering than just cloth or disposable. I know that there are some out there who don’t diaper at all, but that isn’t really a diapering choice although in some ways I can understand the idea of not training a kid to go in a diaper only to untrain them later. It’s the Baby Whisperer‘s mantra of: Start as you intend to go on…

I can’t decide which diapering choice is better. I like the cloth because I feel like it must be more comfortable (when not wet) and lends itself to easier and quicker potty training. I also like the reduction in garbage as well as the cute designs offered in cloth. I didn’t know it before, but I really appreciate not having a scented diaper with cloth diapers. I don’t really like doing laundry at all, so cloth diapering only adds to this chore. I also feel a little bit badly for leaving Joe in his diaper far too long at times as it must be very uncomfortable all wet.

Pros in disposable diapers include being able to hold more liquid waste than anyone would imagine a diaper could possibly hold (but not solid…). So, I like being able to use only one diaper at night and how that diaper is relatively slim. I also like the small size of disposables for traveling and not having to bring them back with me. On the flip side, I can’t stand the smell of disposables and the cost is outrageous!

So, I cloth diaper mostly at home except overnight. When we are out and a diaper change is needed (rarely), I have disposables in the diaper bag, so that’s what I use. At home, Brian usually uses disposables. Since I’m often the one at home; the balance is toward cloth, for now.

I’m curious. What do you use? And why?

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  1. Kristen said,

    January 22, 2008 @ 5:54 pm

    I use cloth almost 100% of the time. The exception would be long trips in the car, vacation, and when the bum has a really bad rash (which we have learned is due to eating red peppers). Jason also doesn’t mind cloth especially with knowing how much we are saving in the long run (I have given him a per diaper cost).

    I don’t mind laundry and I have saved a ton of $$ (and I have a spread sheet to prove it). After going through several types of diapers I prefer gDiapers for day With Beth I use a hemp diaper for night It isn’t too bulky, has 9 layers including the snap in soaker, and holds a ton of pee. I used disposables at night for Annabelle for the first 1.5 years, but then switched to cloth.

    I’m also starting potty training more consistently when I’m at home and am lucky that we have a lot of wood flooring that Beth chooses to use when I don’t pay attention… and Beth goes a LOT LESS than her sister (4 or 5 times a day v. Sister’s every 15 minutes).

    As a great added bonus, I may be getting a new front-loader washer due to my frugal living (and I will still be spending less on a washer and dryer than I would on disposables for 2 children)

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