On My Own Again

The crazy thing is that while I’ve left my husband for several trips around the country, he has never gone anywhere on his own until this week.

I’m so glad that he’ll be back tonight as the middle kid is just beside himself with his great need for Daddy. I also really want him to fix the shower that #3 broke… Hee Hee.

Really though, I miss my hubby. He is a truly great guy. I love that he makes me laugh – hard. He is kind and thoughtful in everything that he does. Brian never wants to upset or hurt anyone and I really admire that in him. He is generous, but not irresponsible. He is considerate and cautious, but not indecisive. My loving husband works hard and provides for our family without complaint – even on the days when I’ve been having all kinds of fun while he was dealing with difficult situations. I could go on and on as I eagerly wait for him to fly back home. I’ll just say one more thing: Brian is loyal and completely trustworthy, which is probably more important to me than I ever realized. I love him and can’t wait to re-do his birthday so it feels really special because he deserves it.

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