A New Normal

We are now two and a half weeks into the school year. I am struggling to adjust to all the changes in our family life. The amount of homework for parents of Kindergartens is astounding. I had no idea that teachers and schools needed so much documentation from parents. I am glad that Eila’s teacher keeps us informed, but really can’t believe all the things that need to be acted on and sent back by the deadline.

One of those things is fundraisers. I am drowning in fundraisers between the PTA and LGA, there is no end in sight and this week there are four separate fundraisers going on. I know that I don’t have to participate in them all, but I feel the pressure just knowing about them.

Eila, of course, loves school and gymnastics. Josiah, of course, loves being a big four year old. Thaddeus, of course, is only napping during lunch, but he is happy and doing well on his new schedule. I, of course, am working hard on being the calm, loving mom who has it all together – at least some of the time.

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